Engystol, The Natural Flu Shot


Engystol® Injection Solution is a homeopathic drug product indicated for the support of the immune system to reduce severity & duration of symptoms in viral infections, particularly in the early stages of colds and influenza-like illnesses.

Engystol® is an effective medicine that has been shown to have a dual mode of action that boosts your immune system and together with its antiviral activity fights off flu-like infections and colds:

  • Increases the number and activity of scavenger cells, called phagocytes that remove the virus from your respiratory tract.
  • Reduces the inflammation caused by the infection.
  • Stimulates your immune system to produce antiviral compounds, known as interferons that weaken the virus. Interferons also play a significant role in regulating immune responses.
  • Provides antiviral activity against viruses such as the Rhinovirus type 14, the Adenovirus type 5, and the Respiratory Syncytial Virus or RSV.


  • Asclepias
  • Vincetoxicum
  • Sulphur

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